What kind of makeup was used in Stranger Things?

Makeup has always played a crucial role in film and television, and the hit Netflix series Stranger Things is no exception. Set in the 1980s, the show features a range of iconic makeup looks that help transport viewers to the era and enhance the show’s overall aesthetic. 

From Eleven’s shaved head to Nancy’s classic 80s curls, the show’s makeup and hairstyling teams have created a visual language that speaks to the characters’ personalities and the time period in which they live. Let’s take a closer look at some of the most memorable makeup moments from Stranger Things. 

Eleven’s Shaved Head 

One of the most memorable moments in Stranger Things is when Eleven shaves her head. This decision was a significant turning point in her character development, and the makeup team did an excellent job of showcasing her transformation. 

With no hair to distract from her facial features, the makeup team had to create a look that would emphasize Eleven’s big, soulful eyes and her delicate features. They opted for a minimalistic approach, with little to no makeup, except for a touch of mascara to define her lashes.

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Nancy’s Retro Curls 

Nancy Wheeler’s hair is one of the most recognizable features of the show. The voluminous, curly locks are a classic example of the 80s hair trend, and the makeup team complemented the hairstyle with an equally iconic makeup look. 

The team used warm, earthy tones on Nancy’s eyes and cheeks, paired with a bold red lip to create a retro-inspired look. The combination of the hair and makeup was the perfect nod to the time period and helped to make Nancy one of the show’s most stylish characters. 

Billy’s Bad Boy Look 

Billy Hargrove is one of the show’s most divisive characters, but there’s no denying that his bad-boy persona is aided by his smoldering makeup look. The team used dark, smoky eyeshadow and eyeliner to give Billy an intense gaze that perfectly matched his rebellious attitude. 

The makeup team also opted for a bronzed, tanned complexion, which added to Billy’s overall “bad boy” vibe. The combination of his piercing gaze and tan complexion gave the character a dangerous edge that made him both alluring and intimidating. 

The Demogorgon’s Terrifying Makeup 

Finally, we can’t forget the show’s most iconic monster: the Demogorgon. The makeup team did an exceptional job of bringing this otherworldly creature to life, with its terrifying, petal-like mouth and dripping slimy texture. 

The makeup team used prosthetics and animatronics to create the Demogorgon’s iconic look, and the result was nothing short of horrifying. The creature’s makeup was so realistic that it helped to make the show’s supernatural elements feel tangible and real. 

In conclusion, makeup has played a crucial role in Stranger Things, from Eleven’s shaved head to the Demogorgon’s terrifying makeup. The show’s makeup and hairstyling teams have created a visual language that speaks to the characters’ personalities and the time period in which they live, making Stranger Things a masterclass in visual storytelling.